Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't laugh, it's paid for!

Step one for the Bushmans in starting a new, much cheaper lifestyle included buying a MUCH cheaper home and paying for in cold, hard cash! There are some big differences between the Bushman's old home and our new home. I've made a list:

Old house
New house
1787 square foot                     
848 square foot
2, soon to be 3
Monthly mortgage          
 $750-950/month                     $0/month
Year house built               
Town's population           

We are finding that most everything (except trash service) is WAY cheaper in a small town. We don't know for sure how much some things are yet like utilities and water, but I'm guessing in a house that is 939 square foot smaller than our old one, we are bound to be saving some money in heating and maintenance costs.

What kind of a house will $13,000 buy, you may ask? Let me share some pictures with you of BEFORE we moved in!


Utility Room

2nd living area off kitchen, soon to be 3rd bedroom

Living room

Water damage--Yes, $13,000 will buy you a house that needs a new roof!


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Stay tuned for the AFTER pictures of the interior as well as before and after pictures of the roof. Mr. Bushman will soon be installing a lovely red metal roof just in time for winter!

And of course, there'll be lots of budgeting information and tips!

Anyone else have a plans to downsize homes or pay their current home off early?


  1. I am honored to be your first commenter ever on your fabulous new blog (squeal)! I love that you guys have made this life change & hope it rubs off on us when buying our next home:) Your new house has TONS of potential & I can't wait to watch you make it your home (on a budget of course)!

  2. This is excellent!
    I'll definitely keep up with this blog.
    two thumbs up!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. YOU ROCK! So excited to learn form the frugal jedi master! xoxoxoxoxox!

  5. Paying for a home in cold, hard cash . . . now you're talking! That's why Devin and I live in apartments. Our goal is to never owe money to anyone unless we must for an emergency situation. A house is not an emergency situation, so we are saving up while living in a low-priced apartment. Lately, however, I have been thinking about all of the wonderful things a house and some property could provide: fruit trees, a garden, the ability to change the structure to be a more energy efficient space, and a clothing line for drying clothes. The negatives? We would have to pick a place we think we could live in for a LONG time. The search ensues. (Glad to hear from you Bobbie!)

  6. Love your blog! Hey off topic.... Sorta.. I made some dishwasher detergent from borax, vinegar and washing soda. It leaves a film do u have ideas or recipes?

  7. Dishwasher detergent is tricky. I've made it with borax and had the same experience. Here's a recipe that works better: http://www.ehow.com/how_6132891_homemade-dishwasher-detergent-borax.html Its not perfect though. Currently I use Seventh Generation, but will soon go back to making my own.

  8. What a crazy fantastic idea! Brilliant!

  9. Cousins Betty and Judy in Jefferson City wish you the BEST! Here's to a home rebuilt with work--and lots of love!

    Judy V. and Betty T.

  10. Looking forward to visiting this weekend. Bringing a pickup of treasures. Love Dad and Mom

  11. Not to be too nosy, but may I ask what you do about health insurance?

  12. I am very lucky in that I have health insurance provided by my employer even though I am part-time.

  13. Just came across your blog while reading Penniless Parenting! You are living my dream! Maybe one day we will get there :)Working at it slowly, one day at a time.


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