Thursday, September 29, 2011

A fridge that doesn't suck (energy)!

When we Bushmans sold our old house in only five days, we so excited we agreed to give the new owners the fridge as part of the deal. We moved into our new house fridge-less with a vague plan to eventually get a fridge to get us by, while saving up for a super energy efficient fridge.

It turns out it is kind of a pain to live with no refrigerator, so we were soon on the hunt for one. In our old town, Craigslist would've turned up lots of fridge options, but in our new rural location the search was a bit tougher. It turned out we had three options:

1) A used fridge for $200 found at an antique-type store. I wish I'd taken a picture of this thing. It was VERY used.
2) A new conventional fridge for $560. It was very basic and not what we were looking for at all.
3) A super energy efficient fridge, newly purchased by some friends who live off grid. They said they would part with it for $800 and sent me this link where I learned that this fridge costs only $47/year to operate!

You can probably guess which one I picked. The $800 was a stretch for us having just spent so much to move. Yet getting an essentially new, super energy efficient fridge which retailed for close to $1200 made the deal too good to pass up!
It was delivered on Tuesday.

Bringing it in

Mr. Bushman had to remove some upper cabinets in our designated fridge area to make room for it, but I think it looks great!

Welcome home, fridge! :)

One different thing about this fridge, other than its extreme height, is that the freezer is on bottom.
Don't you love the freezer drawers?

There is a special drawer for the tiny ice cube trays that came with the fridge!
Cutest ice cubes ever? I think so!

Since we had been living without a fridge for over a week, as soon as it was delivered the family walked over to the local grocery store and basically lost our minds. For dinner we had goat cheese on crackers, cabbage and ice cream. For breakfast the next morning, it was eggs with toast and BUTTER! Yum!

It is great to have a fridge again, but it is even better to know that ours runs so cheaply. According to Smart Money, your top five energy sucking appliances are likely:

1. HVAC unit
2. Water heater
3. Refrigerator
4. Clothes Dryer
5. Dishwasher

Last year we elected to lose our clothes dryer and honestly haven't missed it much. With our new fridge, it feels like we are knocking this "top five" list right out!

What changes have you made to show your energy sucking appliances who's boss?


  1. What a fantastic find & I love seeing a sneak peak of the house! We just bought an Energy Star dishwasher that costs ~$33/yr to operate & that is based on 4 wash loads a week (we only run it once a week). We also opt to air dry rather than heat dry to save energy as well. It's a small step, but in the right direction:)

  2. That thing is as tall as a tree! Awesome!

  3. Monica,
    Running your dishwasher once a week?! We run ours daily at least! Yikes! The Bushmans have room for improvement in this area!

  4. We too run our dishwasher daily...seems like with kids you don't have an option unless you want to use disposable plates. I too am looking at replacing our fridge when we sell this pad, I'll keep this in mind. Keep up the great work Bushmans!


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