Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Books, books where art thou?

Okay, so not everything is sunshine and roses living in the middle of nowhere. One big thing I'm having trouble adjusting to is the library. Where I'm from the library accommodates one's every reading whim. Here, not so much.
Also, the library here only lets me check out six books at a time. Times four in the family that is only 24 books every two weeks. This is not enough for the Bushmans!

But what can I expect since I only pay $88 a year in property taxes? They are doing the best they can! Unfortunately, this doesn't change the fact that I need more and newer reading materials!

My first solution was to break down and buy a Kindle. When it arrived, I thought it was the answer to all my problems. The thing is . . . I hated it. Why you ask? Even though I bought the cheapest model, it seemed very cheaply made. Also, I just started feeling like it was a money pit. What I mean is it costs: $80 for the Kindle itself, $50 for a cover so it doesn't get scratched, $10 per book. That adds up FAST! I'm used to getting my books for free, people! So, I sent the Kindle back to Amazon.

Bye-bye Kindle!

What's a girl to do? Then I remembered hearing something about book swapping. I got on and it was the answer I was looking for. For those who don't know, it works like this: you get one point for listing your first ten books. Then, each time someone requests a book and you agree to send it, you get another point. You then use your points to request books from others. The only cost involved is the shipping of the books, which is about $2.

I'm sending:

And receiving:

YAY for book swapping!

Of course, I will continue to utilize my public library and take out my 24 books every two weeks, but now I have another option to get newer or more obscure books. YAY! I love it when things work out!

Now, to put it in the budget . . . :)


    is another good one :)

  2. Bobbie, the limit at the library goes away after a little while. Also the librarians are amazing at working with you for Inter-library loan(ILL), going so far as to talk another library to ILL a just published uncirculated REFERENCE book for me. Jack

  3. You could be qualified to get a free $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.


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