Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our monthly budget exposed!

I had someone ask me recently, "What are guys doing for work up there?"

Part of the reason I wanted to write this blog is so I can be really specific about what an extreme budget looks like and how you can baby step your way there too! I've done lots of budgeting with friends and family. I LOVE to put together a budget! In fact, if you want help with yours, I'd gladly do it via email or phone. Yes, I AM that big of a nerd!

So, I'll tell you that for work I am essentially a virtual teaching assistant. I am working on my PhD and teaching classes, both on-line. Here's me at "work":

Or am I at home? :)

I make a part-time income and believe or not, it is more than enough money to feed and house our family of four. Here's how:

Bushman's Monthly Bare Bones Budget

$300 Groceries
$30 car gas
$20 water
$35 utilities
$45 Internet & landline
$30 cell
$460 total outgoing every month or $5520 per year

I want to mention that I do not consider cell phone service to be bare bones. It is something I have currently chosen to pay for, though.

But what about . . .

Heating? - Our house is currently heated by propane and we did have to fill up the tank for a one time cost of $600. However, we have plans to get a very energy efficient wood stove very soon and so do not plan to be getting propane regularly--thus, I did not add it to my monthly budget.

Cooling? - You may have guessed that our $13,000 home doesn't have AC. It doesn't and we are fine with that. One of the biggest benefits of small town living is feeling safe while sleeping with the windows open!

Taxes? - I pay our taxes yearly. Basically I take our income tax refund and apply to our yearly bills so I don't need to budget for them monthly.

Insurance? - Did you know that you usually pay for the privilege of paying your insurance monthly? If you pay by the year, you often save about $5 a month automatically!

Trash? - Ditto for trash service. Trash service is another thing that paying by the year will save you money, but you have to ask for the discount here. So you say, "If I pay you yearly, will I get a discount?" I've never had a company say no. Usually it is one month free for one year's payment.

I know your minds are probably still stuck back up there with groceries. How do the four Bushmans eat on only $300/month?! Well, we didn't get there overnight! Next post I will give tons of tips about how I feed four on $300/month without couponing.

I also want to say that this budget is for when everything runs wonderfully and no one has any unexpected needs. When unexpected needs arrive, I call on savings . . .more on that later.

Oh yeah and I promise you'll see some pics of the house very soon!


  1. yes! I'll take all the budgeting advice I can get ! Lay it on us Bobbie.

  2. You're my hero, Bobbie.


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