Friday, October 14, 2011

A roof over our heads!

We've been a living at our new place for almost a month. I wish I could tell you that its all painted and unpacked and perfect, but that's not exactly the case. We do have a new roof though! I am so proud of my husband for installing this roof in one day with the help of a friend!

They still have a bit of flashing and capping to do, but you get the idea.

Our new place was such a mess when we bought it. The old owners left us SO much to clean up and go through. The good thing about that is we did find some treasures. Hubby found lots of tools, but my two favorite finds are:

an old trunk I put at the foot of our bed for blankets

and an awesome wardrobe that serves as our "bedroom" wall for now!

I use the term bedroom loosely because our house is still technically a two bedroom and we parents are occupying the 2nd living area right off the kitchen. The next project is to build an actual wall, thus giving us a real bedroom with actual privacy!

Here are some pictures of the living room, which may be the room closest to being entirely unpacked.

Notice our stack of new light fixtures soon to be installed!

One side of the living room

and the other. Don't let our identical couches disorient you!

Well, a month in and I would say we're pretty happy with the move. The cost of living is so much cheaper here. We got our first utility bill and it was $14.44. No kidding! It was a few days short of a full month, but still. . .

Speaking of getting a bargain, look at what else we bought!

Don't be fooled by the list price, we paid only $1,000!

Why would we buy a commercial lot? Because we plan to own a business in our new town, of course! For us, part of living a frugal, more self-sufficient lifestyle means being our own boss. We have big plans for our new business, but I'm not telling what they are just yet. You'll have to keep reading to find out more!


  1. Yeah Bushmans. It looks great. It is supposed to start raining here in southwest missouri tonight. Love Mema/Mom

  2. $1k for a commercial lot! GREAT FIND! It will only appreciate. Good luck! Did I mention I love this blog?


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