Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We got a bedroom wall, ya'll!

I actually squealed with delight Saturday night when I came home from roller skating with the kids to discover that Mr. Bushman had essentially created a bedroom for us while I was out. If you remember from this post our house was purchased as a two bedroom, but we had plans to make it three. When we moved in we gave the kids the two existing bedrooms and we set up camp in the open space next to the kitchen.

This is how it looked for about a month. It looked and felt pretty disorganized.

Squeezing around the bed was difficult.

But now  . . . .

Still using that great wardrobe, but not as a wall anymore!

It may not look like a huge change to you, but the difference feels like sleeping in an real bedroom as opposed to sleeping in the kitchen!

And just putting up the wall is not all! We still have to tape, mud, paint and hang a door. We've chosen a pretty bold color scheme so stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Speaking of turning out . . . part of building a new bedroom wall (see below),

required removing some of the ugly fake rock paneling above our kitchen cabinets. Here's a picture of what the rock paneling used to look like (when we got our new fridge):

Here's a sneak peak of how much the removal of the paneling is opening up the feel of the kitchen:
Where the other side of the bedroom wall and the fridge meet

The ugly rock paneling is going, but there's some ugly water damage in its place.

Obviously, we aren't even close to being done yet. So far, Mr. Bushman has put on a new roof, ventilated the attic and built us a bedroom! And that's just the big stuff. You can't even imagine all the clean up and small projects we've taken on over the past month. We've been doing it ourselves in order to save money and learn.

Best of all, it feels so rewarding! I already feel more of an attachment to this house where we've done the work ourselves, rather than our old house where most things were done by hired help. Here's to many more successful projects . . . but not too many. :)

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  1. WTG! Congrats on your frugal journey! Keep up the good work.


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