Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eatin' Out of a Bucket

When I gave you the Bushman's grocery shopping tips, I told you that I prefer to buy in bulk. Here's a picture of what I previously considered my bulk foods stash:

This month we decided to take it to another level.

We bought 50 lbs of flour, 25 lbs of green lentils, 25 lbs of quick oats and 25 lbs of pintos from We spent $122 (including taxes and fees) and let me tell you it was hard to drop that much cash on groceries at once. I had some serious cold feet, but Mr. Bushman helped me to focus on the positives:
  • We'll have an emergency supply of food
  • Its all organic
  • Its not wrapped in plastic which saves lots of packaging
  • It means less trips to the store

Going in . . .

Adding screw down lids to our food grade buckets

It all fit into five buckets. Those screw down lids make them rodent proof!
We put the label maker to work. (Notice the flour sort-of got everywhere.)

The buckets are showcased against our beautiful new bedroom wall!
The buckets will soon be moved out into the garage since there is no real room for them inside. When I run out of my inside stash, I will go out and fill up. I like having the security of 125 lbs of dry food around so I'm already planning my next bulk order: black beans, chickpeas, sugar and rice.  
Anyone else thinking of taking the mega bulk foods plunge? If you did, what item is your must-have?


  1. Awesome!

    I talk to Michael on FaceBook occassionally.

    We are wanting to start keep an emergency supply of food around the house. We have about a months worth of freeze dried stuff that last for 30 years (supposedly) but would like to keep items in bulk as well.

    Where did you get your food grade buckets from and your organic, non-GMO bulk items? Any idea on their longevity using the buckets?


  2. I bought my buckets from a friend but I heard you can order them on-line. The food came from Unfi, but we used to order from Azure Standard. I'm pretty sure Azure Standard sells the buckets and lids, too! I don't know about longevity using the buckets. I only paid $1.50 for the buckets, while the lids were $8.50 so there was some initial investment there. While our food would be handy in an emergency, this bucketed food is our main source of food and what we are currently eating. Keep me posted on your journey Brad!

  3. Do you have any favorite bread recipes you use all that flour for?

  4. Jessie,see the link below for the bread recipe I use most often. I usually make it into one small loaf and about 4-5 burger buns, but I also do dinner rolls with it too.

  5. we have foods in buckets too. I got my buckets free from the local foodstores bakery. They are only 3 gallon instead of 5 gallon, but free works for us and it is easier for me to move the full 3 gallons than the full 5 gallons. We have lots of beans,rice,but also lots of grains for GF baking. I also have one of sugar and one of dehydrated milk substitute.
    The lids can be found online cheaper if you look at sales at petstores. I once got 10 lids from an online petfood sale for $1.50 per lid. There was some S&H, but the lids are hard to find for under $10 locally, so I would have paid that anyway.


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