Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free table, free makeover

I love offering to help people move or spring clean. This is because I have found that people who are moving or spring cleaning love to give me stuff! I've received lots of clothes, household items and furniture this way. One of the items I got for helping a friend move is our current kitchen table. It is a totally cool table that my friend made even cooler by painting faux titles on the top. The problem with the faux tiles is that they had started peeling off. After my recent kitchen renovation I decided it was time to spruce up our kitchen table as well. Here's what the kitchen table top looked like when we got it about a year ago:

Here's what it looked like after we owned it for a year:

I found some red paint in our garage and decided to start scraping off the faux tiles so I could get down to the original wood, sand it and then repaint it. Once I scraped down to the wood, I really liked the way it looked. I figured if it was all in this good of condition, I wouldn't need to repaint it after all.

The scraping took a while. Here's my progress after one hour of work:

I had to go pick some vegetables so I left Mr. Bushman to finish the job. Here's what it looked like when I got back with my bounty of veggies:

I was a bit disappointed because a pink table is not exactly what I was hoping for. The table had been painted many times and apparently the first time it was painted a bright fuchsia color, which was hesitant to come off completely. Luckily, all it needed was some warm soapy water and a little scrubbing.

Wow! I really like the look of the table now. Even better, I like how easily the table can be wiped down! To complete the kitchen table makeover, I still want to reupholster the chairs. I found the fabric I'm going to use. All I need is a staple gun. Ours has been MIA since the move. Once it is located, then I will have a whole "new" dinette set to show you!


  1. I really like the new one so much better. What a great job. Mema

  2. let me know if you don't find your staple gun - you could grab mine from my shed and borrow it.

    i liked the bright table colors from before, but having a clean wiping surface and having it feel fresh i bet is Very refreshing.


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