Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The three buck reupholstery job

I have two leather couches that I love. They are the only pieces of furniture that I've both bought new and owned for many years. A couple of months ago my daughter accidentally tore a whole in one of the cushions. I took the cushion to the store to see if I could send off for a new leather cover only to be told that the couch had been discontinued and thus I couldn't order any replacement parts. This wasn't really a big surprise to me since I had picked up the couch on sale at Big Lots.

I wrapped a blanket around the cushion and that was my solution until recently. Here's a picture of my camouflaged torn-up cushion:

The one on the far end stayed covered with a green throw.

My mother was really encouraging me to try to find some matching fake leather material and sew a new cover for it. I had other ideas, though. I had seen in a knitting book once where someone had dumpster dived an old leather couch and then knitted new covers for its cushions.

I didn't really want to take the time to knit or crochet something, but I did have a curtain I'd picked up at the thrift store for $3.00! Best of all, the fabric matched the green accent pillows I already had in the living room.

After a good hour of hand stitching, I had a new cushion cover. 

Now all I had to do was slip it into place.

I am so happy with the result! I think it adds lots of personality to the couch. The best thing is that I used materials I already owned and did it myself.

What do you think? Do you love furniture make-overs as much as I do?


  1. LOVE IT! Being a "thrifty" gal myself, I've done some "thrifty" altering recently that I'm going to share with you.
    I hit the Quarter Store for Halloween costumes. (Yes, EVERYTHING in the store is a whopping 25 cents!) I needed capes and petticoats for our Southern Belles. I found a round tablecloth with ruffle edges I folded in half for 1 cape. I pulled down my black satin-y blackout curtians and ran ribbon through them for the older 2 Belles and found some of the cutest lace valances to use for petticoat/slips. I also found 1 seafoam colored ruffle valance that I am getting ready to cut in half and put zippers in to make 2 (yes 2!!) skirts for my twin girls.
    Gals, you can make some pretty cool stuff with already sewn cheap, I mean, "thrifty" (and sometimes ugly) curtians!

  2. Making Halloween costumes is a great way to save money! My kids really get into making their own. This year I had a robot and a cheetah which we made with stuff just lying around the house. Making your own holiday items creates lasting memories for children. Buying something from the store just doesn't do the same thing, in my opinion. Unless, of course, it is something bought from the thrift store and used to make a costume! Way to go!

  3. I am blown away - what a fantastic idea! It looks great & I love how it adds character to the couch:)


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