Monday, December 12, 2011

$20 Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen faucet that was in our house when we bought it was just gross.

 It had a disgusting sprayer with a scrub brush that NEVER looked clean.

Additionally, when I turned it on, it leaked all over the place, making a river behind the sink.

See the water standing behind and around the sprayer?

We picked up the new faucet at Menards. After the mail-in rebate, the new faucet and sprayer only cost $19.99! I've always thought the arched faucets are fancy so I was super excited to get such a great deal on one. It didn't take long for hubby to install the new faucet--after we got the right connecting hose, that is.

Doesn't it look so much better?
A money saving bonus of the new faucet is that the hot and cold water are separate. This allows me to turn on only cold water, thus not forcing the hot water heater to kick on.

I think my new faucet looks amazing and just makes the whole kitchen feel nicer.

Has anyone else made a small change in their kitchen (or another room) that made a big difference in the look of the room?


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  2. We too replaced a dated kitchen faucet after living in our house for 15 years and couldn't believe how such a small change made such a big difference in the look of the sink. Love the arched faucet - so much easier to fill a pot!


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