Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free bananas!

Although most of what we eat comes from bulk foods, we also shop at a wonderful local Mennonite store. This great store often has free bananas! These are the bananas that are so old nobody is likely to buy them. I love that they mark them as free rather than throwing them out. I also LOVE free stuff so I always pick them up when I see them.

In addition to scoring these free bananas I also bought this GIANT can of applesauce!

What do I do with a bunch of black bananas? I freeze them and use them to cook with. Sometimes I make some banana bread with them but more often I use the banana as an egg substitute in baking. You might remember me talking about how I like to substitute fruit in baked goods and then half the sugar and the oil. One egg = 1/2 banana (or 1/4 cup applesauce or other pureed fruit). Since most recipes call for two eggs, I just keep the banana whole and pull it out when I need it (with a little extra time to thaw of course).

I put wax paper between the layers of bananas so I can easily get only one out at a time.

Another thing my kids really like is frozen bananas. They eat them like popsicles by putting them on toothpicks. My daughter also really likes them because she can make them herself. So, I saved one of my overly ripe bananas just for her.

She cuts it up with a butter knife

puts toothpicks in each piece and then puts them in the freezer

Does anyone else like to pick up free or reduced priced produce? Or do you too buy giant-sized cans of food (like my applesauce) and then freeze them into portion sizes?

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