Monday, December 5, 2011

Free holiday decorating

Our new house doesn't have much extra room for a Christmas tree. Since we are also planning to be gone for the actual Christmas holiday, I just didn't want to mess with dragging all our traditional Christmas decorations out of the garage.

I am so glad a friend shared this link with me! It inspired me to see what the kids and I could create together to make the house a bit more festive for this winter season.

Enter our fridge. . .

We started by making the basic snowman as shown in the link above. We cut the shapes out of construction paper and taped them to the fridge.

Cute right?

Then the kids decided he needed a scarf and hat. We cut out some Christmas wrapping paper to make it.

They thought of the hat all on their own!

Then a walking stick.

Later they even added a pipe.

A smokin' snowman

The Snowman fridge helped us get off to a great start for our holiday season. The kids have asked to decorate their bedroom doors, we've talked about doing a paper Christmas tree in the living and we even got to work making some homemade holiday gifts, which I will share with you soon!

 Anyone else have cute free decorating ideas? Are you too planning on a low-cost or no-cost holiday?

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  1. my family of origin tradition is that we can only give each other gifts that are either:
    - re-gifts
    - second-hand/thrift store purchases
    - homemade

    we've had fun with this over the years.

    those rules do not apply to stocking exchange, however, so you can blow the budget on stockings if you choose...but there's no pressure to do so. some people fill the whole stocking with fruit, nuts and socks.


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