Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cleaning and Decluttering

The previous owners of our house left us a lot of stuff to clean up. Our house has a two car detached garage and two sheds, all of which were full of left behind items.

Last week we hit a milestone. After cleaning out our second storage shed completely, we have officially gone through all the stuff the old owners left!

We plan to make one of the sheds into a chicken coop. Here's the process of getting this final shed cleaned up.

Isn't this going to make a great chicken coop?

The side view of the shed with the door and window.

This is about 1/3 of the stuff left in this building. We'd already taken care of some it.

Here's the trash we made cleaning out that shed. It was sunny and warm on cleaning day and snowy the next day when we sat out the trash.

We normally have one sack of trash, but after cleaning and decluttering, it looks like this.

We put the stuff we thought might be useful in our garage.

Sometimes it feels like we're just moving stuff around, but we really are making progress.
Of the stuff shown above, some of it can be burned, some will be useful to us and some is going to the consignment store. When we make our weekly trip to town, we take a box of stuff to sell to the consignment store. We average a $5 profit each week, which is $260/year. Most importantly, we are getting rid of stuff and getting it to someone who can use it!

I've also found several great finds at the consignment store which I can buy for a reduced price because of the stuff we've brought in to sell. So far, I've scored a like-new food dehydrator and snowsuits for the whole family!

As for chickens, this won't be our first time having them. When we lived in the city we had chickens that just ran around our fenced-in yard. In this more rural setting, we will need a more secure place for them to live because there are more predators and our yard isn't fenced-in. I think the shed is going to make a great coop! Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Anyone have great advice about raising chickens or building a coop?

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  1. The shed looks like an excellent chicken coop in the making. If I were doing this I would put up a wall inside (chicken wire) and have the area around the man door be for storage and the area behind the wall for the chickens with a chicken door to the outside. I would have the laying nests open to the storage area so I could collect the eggs from the storage area. I just redid my chicken coop and I love it. I have been raising chickens for almost 10 years. Love them.


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