Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Weatherize Outlets

Cold air can come in through exterior wall outlets. In our house, I could feel the cold air coming in through our bedroom's exterior wall outlets because we had no outlet covers at all on our outlets.

After pulling down paneling in our bedroom, we had left two outlets totally uncovered.

I decided I should get busy installing them. I only needed three items to get started:

An outlet cover, a foam outlet insulator and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Place the foam insulator on the bare outlet.

The insulator

Step 2: Screw the outlet cover on top of the foam insulator.

Pretty and functional!

I should mention that its probably a good idea to turn off the electricity to the outlet via your breaker box before getting started. I always forget this step, but still . . .its a good idea.

To me, there is just something about nice, white outlets. I always feel like having them makes my house look crisper and cleaner.

I had all the materials for this job already laying around my house, but if I had to buy them both it would've cost about $ 0.37 per outlet. Buying just the foam insulator would cost about $ 0.15 per outlet. (The foam insulators sell in a box of 24 for $3.59 and you can get a box of 10 plastic wall plates for $2.17. I got both prices from Amazon.)

So, what do you think? Do you have foam insulators on your exterior wall outlets? If not, can you feel cold air coming in through those outlets?


  1. Great tip! We did this on our exterior wall outlets as we replaced all of them throughout our house. I also agree w/ you on the white covers adding a crisp, clean touch!

  2. If you dont want to buy the little foam insulators, you can make your own from the little styrofoam plates you buy meat on. (Assuming you are not yet raising all your own and are buying some,,,)

  3. Making your own is always a great idea! Our family doesn't buy meat, but I'll bet I could find other free ways to get foam. Thanks!


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