Friday, February 17, 2012

Be frugal with your money and your time

Hi readers! The following is a guest post by Jon Lal of To return the favor, I did a guest post for, which you can read here.

The desire to save money on shopping is very common, but many people spend quite a bit of time clipping coupons, flipping through ads and driving from one store to the next. Here are tips to be frugal with your money and your time:

  • Be as organized as possible. Create a plan for your shopping. That means creating a list and putting thought into your purchases ahead of time.  Apply this principle to all the shopping you do, whether it’s Saturday morning grocery shopping, Cyber Monday holiday shopping or anything in between.
  • Open your eyes before opening your wallet. Check out the ads before you shop so you know what’s on sale. Do a quick check for a coupon before you buy anything.  If you are shopping online, look on a coupon site for an offer. For your grocery shopping, look to your coupon organizer or an online coupon database. Don’t be afraid to buy extra if there’s a good sale, but be sure that you’ll use what you are buying. If you go overboard and purchase too much, it may go to waste, meaning that sale really wasn’t a great deal. When grocery shopping:
    • Know how much storage space you have in your pantry and fridge/freezer before you drive to the store. Don’t over-buy if you can’t store it.
    • Be sure you do not waste perishable foods and be mindful of expiration dates. Don’t hesitate to freeze foods if you are in doubt.
  • Be resourceful and create a routine.  Instead of waiting until the paper is delivered or wasting time flipping through all the inserts, use a comprehensive website. A good one covers all your shopping bases and includes weekly ads, printable coupons, online deals and Cash Back.

  • Make it easy for yourself by bookmarking helpful websites and scheduling 30 minutes in your calendar each weekend to plan your shopping. 

  • Get help from your computer. It’s obvious that you should always buy online to save time by not driving from store to store, parking then waiting in line, but there are more reasons why shopping online is more efficient. You can also save more money by shopping online because impulse buying is reduced. There are no sales clerks encouraging you to buy more and you can search only for the items on your list. You can also use free promo codes for discounts and free shipping in addition to earning cash back for free from a cash back website. Often you can combine a discount and earn Cash Back for more savings.
These tips were shared by coupon & savings expert Jon Lal, founder of offers free Cash Back, with an average rate of 5% at 2000+ online stores. You can sign up for a free account now and get a $10 bonus. Hurry and sign up for BeFrugal’s free Cash Back! The $10 bonus offer is only available for a limited time. 


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