Friday, February 3, 2012

Mix your own paint!

Lately I've been even more inspired to make do or do without. When I wanted to paint the bathroom because it looked so icky from the previous owners' love of cigarettes, I knew I wanted to try and work with the supplies we had on hand. I went to the laundry room to sort through our cabinet of paint.

Why do we have so much paint, you ask? I bought a five gallon bucket of beige to paint our old house with in order to help it sell. However, the people who bought our old house did so quickly. They didn't want us to paint because they had their own color scheme in mind. Therefore, when we moved to our current home we  brought the unused paint with us. To add to it, we had the typical assortment of partially filled 1 gallon paint cans from previous projects as well as the paint  in our new house that the old owners left! With all this paint on hand, it seemed silly to go buy more.

The only problem was I didn't exactly like any of the colors we had. And the color that I thought would make the best bathroom paint was only 1/4 full. Since I knew that wouldn't be enough, I decided to use some of the off-white paint left by the previous owners to mix with it.

Here's how I mixed my own paint: I poured half of the can of off-white into the 1/4 full can of the paint color I liked. The result? A lot of the paint color I liked! It only made the shade a tiny bit lighter.

The paint lid is the original color and in the can is the lighter color after its mixed. Of course, the other can is the off-white I used to stretch the color I liked.

When you are mixing paint, it only takes a little bit of paint to darken, but it takes A LOT of paint to lighten. That's why I could add so much off-white and only change the color slightly.

Here's the bathroom before being painted:

Our bathroom is very small, but I still wanted to share both angles with you.

The chair is there for me to stand on while I paint.

It only took about an hour and I think the difference is huge!

 And that other view:

I think the color really makes it feel nicer. It also looks much cleaner because the walls were somewhat discolored before.

So, what do you think? Not bad for a free makeover, right?

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