Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do I have anything to say?

Lately, I've been feeling less motivated to write for my blog. Usually, blogging is one of my favorite things to do, but lately  . .. .not so much. For those of you who don't know me personally this is sometimes a pattern in my life: I get really excited about something, become almost obsessed with it, and then I start to feel done with it. Is this going to be the way my blog goes too? I was wondering about this when I wrote my last article for Enemy of Debt about Giving Up.

When I look at the blogging world, I am amazed at all the great information that is out there. I see people writing really original and creative stuff and sometimes I don't feel like my information is as valuable. On the other hand, when I try to find blogs like my own, where a family is living super frugally and being pretty transparent about how they spend their money then I think, "Maybe I am providing something unique." I do feel strongly about the messages behind my writing. I am passionate about helping people live simply and reject consumerism as much as they personally feel that they can. I want absolutely everyone to experience the freedom that comes from living debt-free.

Some of you have been emailing me and asking me questions and I love that! I find it very encouraging. I'm working on some blog posts that address your specific reader questions. So, I guess I am still in the blogging game. Maybe I just needed to vent. Or maybe I needed my readers to know that I'm not perfect and I that I get discouraged sometimes too. Whatever the reason for my ramblings, thanks for listening.

I've been feeling like readers want more specific information about how to live so simply. Do you think that's true for you too? Like what exactly do I buy for groceries, how do I get so many freebies, and where do I get clothes for my family without buying them? What do you think?

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  1. I would love seeing specifics about how your family works on such a small income. I find myself wanting to cut our spending down to minimal, but a lot of the blogs I read are either not very specific or out of the country. I would definitely be interested in how you grocery shop, clothe your family, and get freebies. :-)


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