Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free garlic!

I'd previously told you how my local grocery store gives things away for free instead of throwing them in the dumpster. I love them for that! I've scored many free bananas and other marked down items. This winter I got my hands on some sprouting garlic! I knew it was the total wrong time of year to be planting garlic, but I just can't resist a freebie!

The sprouted free garlic

So, I brought home six bunches of garlic and the kids and I did a little gardening project as part of our homeschool day. We talked about how to prep the soil, how to plant garlic, and what it needs to grow. Since it had been an unseasonably warm winter, prepping the dirt wasn't as difficult as it should've been.

Planting the garlic in our flower bed

Since it was January, we created little "hot boxes" for our garlic by taking clear Rubbermaid containers and setting them upside down on top of the planted garlic. We put a brick on top of the containers to hold them in place. (You can see the containers we used in the background of the above picture.) We removed the hot boxes this spring and I couldn't believe how much the garlic had grown!

Our thriving garlic when we removed the hot box
I love getting free stuff! I love it even more when that free stuff can be planted so it can keep producing even more free stuff!

Does your store mark down or give away produce that's starting to sprout? When your garlic at home starts to sprout, do you plant it? What about potatoes and other items?


  1. What does garlic do when you plant it?

    1. It grows into more garlic! When mature, you can harvest the bulbs to use. I particularly like to eat the tops of garlic. Here's directions for how you can grow your own garlic from bulbs. http://www.ehow.com/how_317_grow-garlic.html


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