Monday, March 19, 2012

Laying tile in the bathroom

I have a confession. Our bathroom smelled. All the time. Like urine. I would scrub and mop, but it was still stinky. We discovered where that smell was coming from last week when we ripped up the existing floor.

The bathroom floor, BEFORE

The flooring in our bathroom consisted of two layers of peel and stick tiles, very poorly laid.

The main problem was how the peel and stick didn't meet up with the toilet, allowing for years worth of yuck to build up around the toilet base.

So we decided to pull it up and replace it with tile. Here's the steps we took to lay the tile.

Strip down the existing flooring

Remove the toilet, then screw in Hardy-backer board

Spread thin set mortar then lay tile with spacers

Then we put the toilet back in, grouted the tile, let it dry for 16 hours and now we have a beautiful tile floor.

Put toilet back in and grout tiles

I still have to seal the grout, and mop the new floor but other than that it is done! Our bathroom looks and smells SO much better.

The project supplies cost less than $100, including the $15 it cost to rent the wet saw to cut the tile.

Have you found that replacing flooring makes a huge difference? Have you ever had a smelly room?

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  1. Nice job!! Looks really good and so much better for you :-)


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