Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting rid of fleas naturally

Did you ever read that Amelia Bedelia book where Amelia is told to dust the furniture and so she puts dust all over it? This is the time of year where I feel just like Amelia, because to get rid of fleas I dust our beds, couch, and cats with Diatomaceous Earth.

If you've never heard of this stuff, it's great. You can buy it at farm supply stores. Just make sure you get the food grade, NOT the pool grade. To use it, you simply sprinkle it on anything that might attract fleas. Diatomaceous Earth is safe to eat and be around. The only thing it is not safe to do is breathe, so make sure you wear a mask or some other protection when applying.

Our family has two indoor/outdoor cats that we really love. One is quite the mouser so he serves a really practical purpose. The other one? Well, she looks nice sitting in the window. :) I started the process of getting rid of fleas by dusting the cats.

Mouser kitty BEFORE and Diatomaceous Earth

Mouser kitty AFTER

Pretty kitty DURING the dusting

Our fleas were getting pretty bad in the house so after dusting the house I had the cats stay outside in the nice weather for a couple of days while the Diatomaceous Earth took effect. The way the stuff works is that it cuts and dehydrates the fleas and ticks, thus killing them. It is also great for the cats because as they lick it off they are swallowing it which gets rid of any intestinal parasites as well!

While the cats were outside I also dusted our beds since the cats often sleep with us.

A bed with Diatomaceous Earth all over it.

The way I dust our beds is I put on a mask, ask the kids to play outside, and then sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth all over each bed. I let it sit for a day or two and then vacuum it off. When I vacuum it off, I also put on a mask and send the kids outside, just to be safe since you are not supposed to breathe it in.

In the same fashion, I also dust our couch and any area rugs we have. If you have carpet (which we don't), you would definitely want to dust that too.

Dusting with Diatomaceous Earth won't get rid of your fleas right away. It takes a while to work. Some sources says a couple of weeks, although we usually notice an improvement within a couple of days. Also, you must re-dust about every month during the months when fleas are a problem.

I love to use this product because it is totally natural (after all, its just dirt). It is also WAY cheaper than any other flea product I know of. I paid about $7 for my container of Diatomaceous Earth, have had it for about a year, and I still have over half a container left!

Another way to get a jump start on fleas is to bathe your pet. You do not need a special flea soap to do this. Water combined with any soap that is allowed to sit on your pet's skin for five minutes will kill fleas. However, many kittys do not like to sit still with soapy water on them for five minutes!

What have you tried to get rid of fleas naturally? Did it work?


  1. Where do you sleep while your bed is being dusted? Is it safe for the animals to breathe?

  2. Where do you sleep while your bed is being dusted? Is it safe for the animals to breathe?

  3. I would be nervous to use it by "dusting" it. I've read on a microscopic level it goes everywhere in the air around you and its like shards of glass. It actually cuts fleas and parasites to kill them, not good @ all for the lungs but you can do your own research


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