Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchen chair reupholstery

My mom visited me last week which means we got tons of stuff done around the house. My mom is a real go-getter who doesn't know how to sit still. One of the many projects we marked off my to-do list was to reupholster the chairs to my free kitchen table.

Of all the before photos I've shared with you, these are the most embarrassing.

My kitchen chairs BEFORE:

That's a fresh coffee spill, which served as extra motivation!

When we got the set (for free while helping a friend move) it came with two chairs upholstered in the brown pattern and two with the blue pattern. In our old, much bigger house this table served as our craft/homeschool table and so I never bothered jazzing it up because its purpose was to get glued on, written on, puzzled on, etc.

In our new smaller house, we couldn't bring our nicer dinette set because it was too big for the space. That left us with this freebie set as our main dining set. It has served us well, but with chairs that look as bad as those above, I'm surprised anyone was willing to sit at it. (I honestly didn't realize it was that bad. I think I'd just gotten used to it.)

With my mom and her project tackling energy, we decided to make the kitchen set a little nicer. A while back, I picked up some red vinyl fabric for $5. So, that's what we used for the job.

First we removed the seat.

Then I "measured" how much fabric I would need by using the old, yucky fabric as a template.

I roughly cut the new fabric in fourths.

I flipped the fabric over and laid the seat face down on top of it.

I stapled the two opposite sides first.

Now comes the tricky part: folding in the corners. You can just fold it like a birthday present, but I don't like the look of that. So, I start by folding the corner down a little at a time. I staple, then fold down again and again. It isn't an exact science. You just want to get it as flush as possible.

My first corner folds

Before you know it, you've got a reupholstered seat!

My job was to do the reupholstery. My mom's job was to take off and put on the cushions. Here she is hard at work.

And here's the finished product! Better? I think so!

The great thing about these new seat covers is that they wipe down easily. I also love the splash of color that they add to the kitchen!

Have you reupholstered chair cushions before? Do your seats looks as bad as mine did? Anyone else have a dinette set that they got for free? Who else has a mom like an Energizer bunny?

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