Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our new piano

Hi all! We've been busy as we enter into the last month of our homeschooling school year! We've also been doing a lot more playing outside, gardening, etc. I'll share some garden pics with you soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you my newest freebie. We got a great piano from another homeschooling family for free. My husband and daughter are learning to play, so its great that we now have something for them to practice on. Even though our house is small (850 square feet), we made room for the new piano in the living room.

Our living room previously had an entertainment center with a TV on top, which we kept around for the purpose of watch DVDs even after we gave up broadcast TV several years ago. We decided to get rid of the TV and entertainment center to make room for the piano. Here was our living room before the piano:

The corner piece must go

This stuff must be moved to make room for the piano
Even though our living room is now a little more crowded, I'm very happy that we decided to get the piano. I've noticed my kids stop to play a little on the piano every day without any prompt from me. I think the piano makes all of us strive to be a little more musical.

Our FREE piano

The bookshelf and dresser found a new home
I also really like having our bookshelf so close to the couches because it feels like a built-in reading nook. The couches now both have a window directly behind them which makes for great access to natural light in the daytime when we sit on the couches to read or do other tasks that require light.

Do you have a piano? Did you get it for free? Do you think mastering a musical instrument is important in the homeschooling/self-sufficient lifestyle?

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