Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real World Advice from the Festival of Frugality

One thing about living a lifestyle that is financially deviant from the norm (the norm being a debt ridden consumerist lifestyle), is that it can be hard to know what to do at times. If you, like me, reject consumer culture and the media that it promotes, then where do you turn for answers that apply to your life and your situation? One place that I get information is from fellow bloggers, especially those bloggers who I feel hold similar financial goals and moral values. Here are some of the blog posts submitted to this week's Festival of Frugality. Many of these bloggers have been there and done that when it comes to frugal wisdom. They have that real-world advice that I crave!

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 Here are my absolute favorites:

LOVE the post by Living in Financial Excellence about how to get started making a budget! Personal Finance Journey also provided three great tips about growing your emergency fund. 20s Finances weighs in with more easy ways to save money. I liked Married With Debt's non-traditional look at early retirement. Also among my favorites was Brip Blap's top 10 healthy and frugal foods. LOVE The Happy Guy's take on creating your own fast food.

There was a lot of great advice! Here's some of the others I enjoyed:

Money Counselor offers the truth about Six Gas Mileage Myths. Prarie Ecothrifter explains how driving the speed limit saves money. Experiments in Finance ponders the benefits of taking the bus.
The Outlier Model explains how to get starting brewing your own beverages. The Frugal Toad reviews DIY projects anyone can do.

Little House in the Valley is talking about Save Up. Christian Personal Finance is reviewing Manilla, another of the money management tools that seem to be popping up everywhere. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple and use something like the jar system. However, My University Money is criticizing Gail Vaz-Oxlade, who is a Canadian financial expert who coined the jar system.

Boomer & Echo have tackled a subject some of my readers have asked me about: Is a Costco Membership worth it?

Money Reasons lists the benefits of getting a tax refund. Broke Professionals have the opposite advice.

Funancials tells you how to pay off your mortgage quickly.Things college students can do to avoid being in debt upon graduation comes from Free Money Wisdom. PT Money offers financial planning for stay at home moms.

Smart Family Finance weighs renting against buying a home or apartment.

Money Spruce talks about the all important relationship between time and money.

Thanks for reading this week's Festival of Frugality. Hopefully you found some of this real world advice as helpful as I did.

Do you prefer to get advice from someone who's been there, done that? Do you give advice about things you haven't tried yet or have no intention of trying?

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