Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time 4 Learning Review

I can't believe its already been a month since I told you that we were going to try out Time 4 Learning.

In the past month we really haven't used it too much, mostly because it wasn't a good fit for our family. Here are some reasons why it didn't work so well for us.

  • My son didn't like it. He sometimes get frustrated easily and the lessons didn't appeal to him, nor did the way to operate Time 4 Learning seem intuitive to him.
  • I didn't like not teaching my kids and having them plugged into the computer. I'm a creative gal who really likes homeschooling (on most days). I felt like a computer based curriculum was trying to steal my thunder.
  • Time 4 Learning has social studies, which I hate. The phrase "social studies" just makes me mad. In my opinion it is usually a watered down version of real subjects that students should actually be studying; namely, Geography and Science.
  • The last thing I didn't like about it was something I wouldn't have liked about any boxed/all inclusive curriculum, which is that I don't want to be boxed in. I want to be free to teach my kids about things that interest them as well as teach them a subject from an angel that reinforces our family values. 

However, Time 4 Learning wasn't all bad. My daughter really liked it. Here's some reasons why I might use Time 4 Learning if my life circumstances were different.

  • If I had an only child. We get a lot of our family interaction when we homeschool. If I just had one child, they might get more out of the computer based lesson.
  • If I wanted an all inclusive curriculum.
  • If I didn't want to or have the time to teach homeschool my kids but still wanted my kids to learn at home.
  • If my kids grew tired of learning primarily from me and wanted more independence, but with structure.
So, for us Time 4 Learning is a no, for now. I might revisit it later should our  needs change. Thanks to everyone who recommended it and thanks to Time 4 Leaning for letting me try their program for free. I love looking at what other people use to homeschool their own kiddos, because I always learn something from the experience to make my own homeschool program better!


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