Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Am I gonna be on TV or what?

Those of you who follow Budgeting with the Bushmans on Facebook know that TLC was talking with me about being on their show Extreme Cheapskates. I had a lot of email correspondence with them and an initial interview on Skype, but then I heard nothing. Some of you have been asking, "Are you going to be on the show or what?" Frankly, I've been wondering that too.

Photo credit: Louis Bustamante, St. Petersburg

 I emailed the show and asked them what they had decided about having me on the show. Basically, I got the brush off. I think the reason is that my life simply wasn't drama filled enough for the producers. They asked me questions like, "Is your husband on board with your frugality?" and "What do your kids think about being so frugal?" I answered honestly that the whole family has seen the benefits of changing our lifestyle to a more frugal one and that we are all happily on board.

Also, during the interview, I stated that I really did not want my kids to be on TV. I also told many of you that I actually didn't want to be on TV. The only reason I would've agreed for only me (not the kids) to be on the show was because I'd like to make a career out of giving frugal advice to others. I saw the TLC show as a possible springboard for that.

However, upon realizing that it probably isn't going to happen I'm feeling pretty relieved. I wasn't really looking forward to looking like an idiot on TV. And, even though we haven't had a TV for a while, I've watched enough reality TV to know that it was inevitable that they would make me look like an idiot. Sensationalism is what reality TV is all about.

So, if I'm going to become a popular extreme frugality guru, its probably going to have to happen through this blog. TLC isn't going to do it for me. And that's okay.

Would you ever agree to be on reality TV? Do you think a reality TV would've helped or hurt my image? Do you have other ideas for ways I can get my message "out there" without looking like an idiot on reality TV?


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