Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Bobbie . . . answering your questions

I love getting mail from people who read my blog! Those of you who have written me know I will write you back and I will be excited to do so! Here are some reader questions I received recently:

Do you ever splurge on anything?

I would say that I'm most likely to splurge on homeschool materials for my kids, although I try to sell the homeschool items we are no longer using in order to finance the splurge. I'm also very good about keeping an eye out for books at thrift stores and then reselling them on Ebay at a profit to also help pay for homeschool curriculum splurges.

I also use my Swagbucks to purchase splurge items on Amazon, which makes them free. To learn more about how I do that, read this.

Is there something you just don't want to live without?

Something I can't live without? Hmm, my family, of course! I'm assuming you mean material things though. This question is hard for me to answer because when I evaluate things, I tend to think, "Yes, of course I could live without that if I had to." Something I really wouldn't want to live without is a washer for doing laundry. I know some people who live a life of voluntary simplicity live without a washer and don't complain, but I REALLY wouldn't want to do laundry by hand on a regular basis. Other things I enjoy having are a dishwasher, a stand up mixer, and my Kindle. The dishwasher because I don't like to wash dishes much (except in the winter when I like to have my hands in the warm water because its cold outside). The stand up mixer because it makes making all our own bread SO much easier. My Kindle is something that I really enjoy because I'm an avid reader and I like carrying something to read with me at all times. I never buy books for my Kindle and only borrow them from the library. This saves money because I don't have to drive to the library when I run out of things to read--I simply download the library's newest e-book!

What do you feed your cats?  

As you know, we have two cats. One of our cats is an insane mouser so he supplements his diet very nicely making it more like we just have to buy food for one cat.We feed our cats the 20 pound bag of cat food that they sell at our local store. It costs about $12 and lasts all month.  In our town there is only one kind of cat food for sale, so we just buy that. :) I take the money out of our grocery budget.

Speaking of cats, I leave you with a cute picture of one of our kitties!

Do you have a burning question? What would you like to know? Send your questions to

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