Saturday, May 26, 2012

Write It Down Challenge

Last night I was talking with my friend who said she wanted to save more money and curb some of her spending. Whenever I want to change my behavior (which usually means eating less or spending less), I simply force myself to write it down. If I write down every thing I eat or spend, I will automatically change my behavior.

If you are having a hard time getting your spending under control I encourage you to try this. In June, I will taking my own Write it Down Challenge. At the end of the month I'll post everything I spent. Yes, every. single. thing. for the whole month.

Photo credit: Brendan DeBrincat

I'm a little nervous about this as I definitely make spending mistakes too. However, since I mostly blog about the ways I save money, I've probably given you the impression that I never overspend. Of course this isn't true. After all, I'm human too!

I do know this, though; writing down my expenses and sharing them with the world WILL make me spend less. In fact, I want to see how little I can actually get by with spending in the next month.

I invite you to join me. At the end of the month (June 2012) you can send me the results of your Write It Down Challenge via email, via blog comment, or via Facebook. Or you can just write it down and never show another living soul. Whatever you do, I encourage you to give the Write It Down Challenge a try! What do you have to lose except poor spending habits?

Will YOU take the Write it Down Challenge? Have you ever written down your spending before? Did it cause you modify your spending habits?

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