Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Budget Updated

I've noticed that the post titled, Our Monthly Budget Exposed is by far the most popular thing I've written. I'm sure that's because you want to know what a budget looks like for a family who lives on so little. I don't blame you. I like to know the details of things as well.

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I love having a budget. It helps to keep me on track. For us, we take all the money we don't spend each month and put it in savings. We are saving for long-term rainy-day-type stuff, but also for things like current home repair, building our future business of storage units, and building our own natural home in a couple of years.

Since I shared that first budget with you eight months ago, it has become a little out of date. After all, budgets have to change and evolve. Some of our expenses have gone up (like our water bill), some down (like our utilities and internet), and we've added a couple of things we decided were really important (like music lessons and personal spending.) I decided the best way to share our new budget with you was to add a new tab on my homepage which will take you straight to our current budget. That way, I can keep that budget up to date without creating a new post for you to read every time I make a change.

Aside from my homepage, you can also find the current budget here.

Even before I had this blog, I enjoyed sharing our budget with others. When people would come to me for face-to-face budget help, I always started by showing them our budget. I mean, how can I help someone else if I don't have my own budget under control, right? Plus, it always helps me to see an example. Now that I consider myself to be an extreme budgeter, I think its even more important to share what that looks like!

What do you think? Is it helpful for other people to share their nitty-gritty financial details with you? When you see my budget do you think its doable or do you think its too extreme for your tastes?

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I am absolutely thrilled to find your blog. My husband and I are both vegans and making barely enough to scrape by, but your blog gives me ideas and helps me to make the most of the little we have.


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