Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye Review

In researching fluoride, I came across Dr. Ellie's website. She explained the differences between natural occurring fluoride and synthetic fluoride (the kind that is a byproduct of pesticides). I had never understood that about fluoride before and so I continued to read her website, hoping to learn more.

So, I wrote to Dr. Ellie and ask her to send me a free copy of her book, "Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye", in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Her book claims that with the proper oral health regime you can actually eliminate your need for a dentist completely! This program claims it can do things like repair cavities. I was very intrigued and excited to learn from a professional especially after my baking soda toothpaste disaster.

Dr. Ellie immediately wrote me back and said the book was on its way. When I received her package, I couldn't believe it! She sent me the book as well as everything else I would need for her program! I was blown away and excited to get started!

I learned so much from this book about dental health! Its a very interesting read!

After using the program for almost two months, I have to say that I love it! I think Dr. Ellie's program has totally strengthened my tooth enamel  and made my teeth whiter and stronger. I no longer have tooth sensitivity of any kind and I know it is the result of this program! I'll definitely continue to use this system.  I have no doubt that Dr. Ellie's system is frugal--especially since she tells you how to repair your own cavities and avoid needing most dental work altogether! Amazing!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5 Minute Kid Connection Ideas

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been away from my blog for a while. Although I'll talk more about why later, part of the reason is because I've needed to take some time to focus on my family and our needs. Budgeting time is even more important to me than budgeting money. Because of that, I'm excited to share the following guest post is by Kassandra Brown, author of Parent Coaching Services.

My husband and I were talking yesterday about how we’d like to have more space from our children. We want to hang out, have dates, and be adults without interruption. Then it hit us – in addition to better boundaries to get space from our two girls, we also need to look at how to connect more deeply with them. Once they feel us wanting to play with them, they are more likely to be content to give us space. Here’s the list we brainstormed to help ourselves and our friends connect more easily with our girls. Each one is designed to be free take five minutes or less. But beware! You might find yourself having more fun than you expected and wanting to play longer. 

5 Minute Kid Connection Ideas
  • Read a Kids Book aloud. Talk about the pictures.
  • Tell a story from your imagination or memory. Cut yourself some slack. It doesn’t have to be publishable.
  • Play pretend.  Chase games, low on the scary high on the adult awkwardness, are especially fun.
  • Eat some raisins together
  • Draw or color
  • Take a walk to see what’s growing outside. Offer the names of plants you know.
  • Offer piggyback rides
  • Chase a child with a sweeper mop. Don't catch her. Dramatically fail to catch her. Try again.
  • Make a fort. A blanket and two chairs go up very quickly.
  • Swing in a hammock together.
  • Turn on some music and dance together. Follow the child’s lead.
  • Sew, weave, knit, or braid. Friendship bracelets from leftover yarn can be braided very quickly.
  • Play in sand, mud, dirt. Even girls who normally like to stay clean can really enjoy getting dirty - especially when invited by an adult.
  • Play in sprinklers or the hose on a hot day.
  • Resist the urge to always prioritize talking with grown-ups. Sometimes talk with and play with the children even if there is an adult nearby you'd like to engage.
  • When sweeping, offer the fun of playing jump over the broom handle by laying it on or close to the floor.
  • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers and give it to someone
  • Turn a jump rope. Invite other kids and adults to join in the skipping.
  • Pick berries
  • Do some mental math. Start easy and see what they ask for.
  • Play catch with something soft. Rolled up socks are good.
  • Invent an Activity

This guest post was written by Kassandra Brown who offers support, love, and guidance at Kassandra says “Although direct conversation can be great once children are warmed up, it is often not an easy a place to get started.”  A unique discount  - not available to the general public - can be found by visiting
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